Crime Music, unobtrusive background music,
lounge music, an exciting jazz concert. . .

In more than ten years of cooperation developed
the four Cologne musicians to a flamboyant
and versatile lineup.

With their new program entitled "Crimescene" the four Cologne musicians of the JazzMagazin present
their preference for extraordinary themes.

Humorous, ambitious and with much attention to detail they interpret title songs of wellknown detective series
from the 1960s - 1980s.

JazzMagazin also interprets sophisticated and contemporary a comprehensive repertoire of jazz,
blues, soul and pop with groovy rhythms, soulful
horn sections and brilliant solos.

Jazz Magazine offers special arrangements so that
your event will be a top-class event.

The JazzMagazin are:

Bertram Voll      - Trombone
Werner Funke    - Saxophone
Thomas Falke    - Doublebass
Stefan Albrecht - Drums

JazzMagazin - Jazz from Cologne